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Hi! I'm Erica

Erica is an honest graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC. Why honest? Erica mainly focuses on producing soft-spoken yet impactful designs that will purposefully build an interconnectedness between those who stumble into her work. Even though she has a strong passion for illustrations and brand identity, she isn’t afraid to reach high and explore what is on the table.

How did I end up loving design? Well, the answer is simple, at the age of 5 I started falling in love with drawing and painting. How? All thanks to my parents who put me into outside-of-school art classes. But at that age, I didn’t want to be there, I rather be watching the latest episode of Dora The Explorer. However, the more I attended art classes, the more I fell in love with it. Eventually, once I was in grade 11, I enrolled myself in a graphics class which I enjoyed then it led me to join the Yearbook Team the following year. The teacher who led both classes helped me figure out what I was most passionate about. That's when I knew I wanted to continue my studies in Graphic Design. 


Bachelor of Design at Wilson School of Design at KPU

Now I spend my days coming up with new ideas to spruce up my portfolio, you can probably find me cafe hopping around Vancouver trying to find the best Matcha Lattes out there or you can find me at home cozied up in my blankets ready to binge watch shows like "Emily In Paris"

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