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Wishy Washy Wicks


Spring 2023

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Protecting Our Waters.

These candles were inspired and in support of the known issue of water pollution that is affecting the world.


Wishy Washy Wicks is a fictional brand inspired by the deep blue sea. We offer two scents: The Deep Sea (White Tea & Lily) and The Coral Reef (Eucalyptus & Aloe). With our candles, there’s no denying that once you close your eyes, you’ll find yourself at peace. Not only were our candles inspired by the deep blue sea, but we are also bringing awareness to water pollution. We have partnered with Ocean Wise and the Vancouver Aquarium to empower communities and individuals to take action to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Proceeds from candle sales will go towards Ocean Wise and Vancouver Aquarium to help our water life.

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