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Great Northern Ale Co.



Marketing Comms

Spring 2023


Taste The Adventure.

Great Northern Ale Co. has launched a new beer series called "The Neighbouring Series." The series is about enjoying what the Lower Mainland offers without worrying about how far you are. Everything is contained in this series of beers.

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Great Northern Ale Co. Presents

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The Neighbouring Series

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The Neighboring Series began with three students who happened to be best friends: Fisher, Stanley, and Burnie, who lived in three different neighbourhoods—Richmond, Vancouver, and Burnaby. 

All they wanted to do was spend time with each other but being so far apart was the toughest part of their friendship. So every weekend, they would gather in someone’s city, enjoying what that specific location had to offer. Once the day was over, they could only think about splitting apart again. They couldn’t stand being apart, which inspired the Neighboring Series. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are; you can experience the essence of Fisherman’s Wharf, Stanley Park, and Burnaby Mountain.

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