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Spring 2023

Something Spotify Has Never Done Before.

Re-Design Spotify’s interface for it’s tablet version, taking in to consideration of what Spotify currently lacks of with their interface.

1. I want to balance what the desktop version has but the tablet version might be lacking. 2. Giving users who use the tablet version a similar interface experience as if they were to use the desktop version. 3. Creating layouts that are easy for users to use (multi-tasking, so having a split screen?) ( I tried enlarging images and text, but this means users would have to scroll a bit more to get what they want) 4. Overall, just redesigning for the purpose of doing something that Spotify hasn't really done. 5. I kept the colors the same to stick with Spotify's branding but I switched up the font.


iPad 11 pro mockup-Vertical library.png
iPad 11 pro mockup-Vertical album.png
iPad 11 pro mockup-Vertical search.png
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